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Our Testimonials
Golden Harvest scheme leads to big purchase without feeling a pinch on the pocket. This is suitable even for the last person in street. We had also bought this scheme and realized our dream of buying diamond jewelery without feeling any heat, anxiety about pooling of money for such a big ticket purchase. The moment money from our account goes to Tanishq golden harvest account, we feel that we have stepped a few steps closer towards realizing our long cherished dreams. In my case, my golden harvest scheme matured just two days before the marriage ceremony of my Bother-in-Law and due to this scheme only, my wife felt elated during the ceremony fully acknowledging its utility towards non-disturbance of normal monthly cashflow with smaller \"peaks\", this higher peak ( big purchase expenditure) is flattened to large extent and well accommodated in out budget. Due to this reason, I have again sowed a seed of new harvest scheme with my ( Not your Tanishq !!) Dwarka branch, seeing the flowers to bloom and eagerly waiting to reap the harvest upon maturity.

My mother always wished to have a lot of gold ornaments for her but somehow that could not be made possible for most years of her llife..when I started earning I made it a point to gift her gold on her birthdays.During such one visit,we came to know about golden harvest scheme which struck chords immidiately.The beauty that I saw was not in the scheme but the tireless enthusiasm that I saw in my mother in submitting each month\'s part and the glittering eyes with which she waits to year to come and get another gold ornament on her birthday.this thing keeps her kind of going each year which is magical. Cheers. keep going

One day I went to Tanishq show room in Salem to purchase a pair of ear stud for my wife because we always believe in the quality and designs of Tanishq. After our purchase they have explained about the the golden harvest scheme. For a salaried person like me who cannot spend a huge amount to make purchases the scheme which encourages savings in small quantum every month helps pool some considerable amount at the end of the year that too with a one months due added as interest. So we have started one scheme on that day itself and another one on the next month. At the end of the term we have used that amount to purchase one beautiful ring for me and a chain for my son. On that day we were accompanied by my brother in law, who also got impressed with that scheme and so we two opened a new account for each with a little bit huge amount. Not only the service,the quality, the designs but the scheme also a welcoming one and it will attract huge customers in the days to come. Thanks for giving me a chance to express my views about Tanishq. Wish you all the best. P. Ravi

I always wanted to have a diamond stud type bracelet but spending anything quickly in a ho for tough. I discussed the same with my husband for which he suggested to sell off the gold which I don't like to wear This made sense and we reach Tanishq. There when we checked then worth of old gold, it was still not enough to buy what we liked. There one employee suggested to invest in this scheme. So we did and without our realising one year passed and today I own that particular diamond braclet and feel proud wearing it. Thanks Golden harvest scheme for making me buy what I liked . :) thanks

Being a member of Tanishq Golden Harvest scheme has brought smiles & cheer for me and my family. My parents enrolled me into the scheme and paid all the installments, the last one obviously paid by Tanishq. The surprise came when they gifted me a Diamond pendant on my birthday & revealed that they had planned it for months and were paying for the installment from their savings. It was a moment of truth for me. I was so touched by my parents labor of love, it made me feel like I was still my parents little princess and my heart pounded with immense love and respect for them. I want to thank Tanishq from the bottom of my heart for this beautiful experience.

My wife\'s birthday was just around the corner, and I had no money to get her a gift. The day I was contemplating sadly on the same, a lady from Tanishq called me to tell that my Golden Harvest scheme can be availed then! It was like the Divine had called me through Tanishq. On my wife\'s birthday, I could make her happy just like she always makes sure I am happy! I love you Tanishq!

Planning makes life smooth and easy,\' are the right words for Tanishq's golden harvest scheme. For me it was a lovely gift from my husband. It is an easy way of booking gold and then buying with clubbing offers without onetime pinch to your pocket.